Friday, 12 March 2010

STUDENT PROFILE: Kelly Louise Thackray

Kelly's area of specialism is embroidery however within her work she likes to include elements of print.

Favourite artists, designers, influences;
Heidi Turner
Monique L'Hullier
Kelly Hyatt
Hanna Werning
Kustaa Saksi
Rob Ryan
Pearl and Marmalade
Travel to interesting new places

Career Aspirations
Once graduated Kelly is hoping to secure a job in a design studio and once she has built up her knowledge in the Professional Industry she hopes to become a freelance designer maker.

Final Major Project
For the final major project Kelly is working on a collection of samples which would be suitable for the fashion market. She is encorporating elements of print combined with hand embroidery and fabric manipulation. Her work is very intricate and detailed and is inspired by texture and nature.

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  1. Hi Kelly, Thank You so much for coming to We Are Open today and even more thanks for buying some of my things!!! I love your bags and purses and wish you the best of luck with FMP and beyond.Have fun !!love Kim x