Sunday, 16 May 2010

Jack of all Trades, Master of Many!

Hello there!

Yes, all has been a bit quiet on the radar recently as the major project was handed in on 10th May and everyone has been extremely busy. well done to everyone :). We can now take a very quick breather, although preparations for the degree show are getting into full swing.

This week we all have truly shown that we are jacks of all trades by chipping in with the sanding, filling and painting of all the exhibition boards that will be needed for the degree show! (which is quite a lot!)

Final decisions are being made about the opening night and after show party including the food and drink and an awards-style ceremony. Sounds great! :).

Lots to look forward to indeed and we will keep you posted as things progress. See you soon!


Friday, 14 May 2010

New Designers

Apologies for the lack of communication over the past few weeks but we have all been mega busy finishing our final major projects and now we are onto preparing for the degree show on June 3rd.

Just a quick post to say congratulations to the 14 students who have been chosen to take part in this years New Designers in Londons Business Design Centre.

Well done to:

Michael Bland

Vicky Bown

Sarah Claydon

Vanessa Cooper

Lauren Grainger

Carley-Jo Hammond

Sarah Heseltine

Lindsey Murray

Ursula Neal

Julie Nichols

Ashleigh Reay

Sammy-Jo Stephenson

Laura Sturdy

and of course our own blogger Laura Footman.

I'm sure it'll be an amazing experience for all the students involved and hopefully we can get Laura to post a little something about it when she gets back.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

By request!

Those of you who have been in college this week will understand how stressed third year have been, scurrying about in a panic trying to get all the bits and pieces finished for our swiftly approaching deadline on monday!

Our tutor Claire forwarded me this image to post on the blog for a bit of light relief - our own Sammy Jo Stephenson fresh from the exposure room and showered by the jetwash!

Hopefully Sammy won't mind us posting this picture too much and if you visit her blog here you will see that her sorry state was well worth it when you see her beautiful pieces modelled by fellow student Lindsey Murray. Bring on Monday!