Wednesday, 24 March 2010

STUDENT PROFILE: Heather Bareham

Surface Design for Interiors-specialising in wallpaper

Tracy Kendall
Rob Ryan
Tord Boontje
Timorous Beasties
Bridget Riley
Eley Kishimoto

Dream Job/Career Aspirations:

Heather would love to work in a studio for an Interior Design Company; however Heather’s dream would be to have her own successful bespoke wallpaper business.

Final Major Project:
At the moment Heather’s work is inspired by decorative ceramics, tiles and mosaics. Heather is designing a mixture of traditional and commercial repeats as well as bespoke and interactive wallpapers. Heather’s final collection will combine a mixture of techniques including screen print, 3D paper work, cut-out work with the introduction of stitch.

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